Making it Look Easy (Because it is)

Stadium High in Tacoma, Washington is a typical high school. Great academics, lots of tradition, 1,400 students, dedicated teachers and administrators. Extracurricular activities abound, with dozens of clubs and more than 25 sports teams. And with so many students, parents, fans and boosters, Stadium High does a lot of fundraising … or at least, they try to.

Removing Barriers to Giving

But if you are like most schools, fundraising is a chore. Lots of potential, but also lots of work. Planning, recruiting, list building, emailing, follow ups, and more. When we met Stadium High, the first thing that ____ said to us was: “Can you help us make this easier? We have so many parents, fans and potential supporters to reach – and so many sports and programs to support – but we don’t have the time to manage it all.”

Stadium High Boosters had used a variety of fundraising software in the past, from subscription based SaaS platforms to consultants taking up to 40% of funds raised to Facebook. Nothing seemed like it was designed to remove the barriers to giving – make it easier on the fundraiser AND the donor.

Easy to Get Started

The first thing that attracted Stadium High Boosters to Givio was how easy it was to get started. No sales pitch, no upfront subscription payments, no expensive fees. Givio was free to use, and a fundraising campaign could be launched in a matter of minutes.

Wait! “How can we get started so quickly,” asked ____. “Don’t we need to fill out forms, configure our account, add banking information, and write sophisticated marketing messages?” In a nutshell, no.

Givio is free for anyone or any organization to use. With more than 1.5 million charities, schools and other nonprofit organizations already in our database of eligible orgs, Givio has done so much of the work for customers like Stadium High. So when Stadium needed to launch giving campaigns to support 7 different sports plus a dance team and a class recognition fundraiser, they were thrilled that it only took a few minutes to get each campaign up and running.

So Easy to Share

Givio makes campaign distribution a snap by using the many sharing options already available on your mobile device. With an encouraging messaging, each person invited to give to a campaign can give and then share the ask with their network of friends and family. So the impact of giving is magnified many times over.

Each sport or activity campaign was led by a booster captain who launched the campaign from his or her mobile phone. ___ kicked off the Girls Soccer campaign from her mobile phone. Brandon, the Boys Lacrosse coach, sent his campaign’s giving page to parents and sponsors over email. Sara, booster mom for the Tennis teams, posted a giving link to Facebook. And so on. Every campaign was shared again and again, using every communication tool available.

The Results Speak for Themselves

Stadium High Boosters Club has successfully raised funds for half a dozen sports, a graduating class and a retiring beloved teacher. “Givio is so easy, and so effective,” says _____. “It takes away the work of setting up software, building campaign pages, and hooking up bank accounts, and instead lets us focus on the most important part of the campaign – getting the word out … sharing.”

Donors receiving a campaign invite simply tap and give. If they have the Givio app on their phone, great. But if not, they don’t need it. An invite received on a mobile phone can open to a giving page that requires no downloads or registrations. Anyone can give. It’s that simple.

For More Information

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