Givio + Spiral are teaming up.

We’ve come together to lead the market, grow and engage depositors, innovate financial wellness, boost nonprofit donations, and make more impact nationwide.

Two companies. One vision. Exponential impact.

That’s right, two leading, pioneering, impact-driven companies have partnered up to lead the market, offer better solutions for impact, engagement, and financial wellness, drive more donations, and make more impact, nationwide.

Spiral is the award-winning Impact-as-a-Service™ platform that helps financial institutions impact the financial wellness of their account holders and their communities through any bank account, debit card, or credit card. Spiral has raised more than $42M, has more than 1000 charity partners, and was acknowledged as a fintech leader for the advancement of financial institutions by winning CUNA’s’ “Best in Show” Award and the ICBA’s “ThinkTECH MVP Award,” while rapidly expanding its reach among banks and credit unions.

Account holders who used Spiral had up to 3X more deposits, 30% higher engagement and 3.6X more transactions!

Givio couldn’t be prouder to partner with Spiral. Want to learn more? Get in touch!