FAQs for nonprofits

We’ve come together to lead the market, grow and engage depositors, innovate financial wellness, boost nonprofit donations, and make more impact nationwide.

Nonprofit FAQs

But first, the backstory. Since Givio launched our charitable banking solution in concert with Givio Charitable Foundation, we’ve often asked ourselves what we could to create a greater, far-reaching social impact by helping more communities and local nonprofits get more donations. Today, we are excited to share with you that we have found an answer to that question, by partnering with Spiral and Spiral Giving Network, Inc, a 501c3, EIN 87-2497866.

We encourage you to read through this FAQ to learn all about this partnership and what it means for your nonprofit. Secondly, download your donor data via the Givio Hub if you haven’t already. And most importantly, claim your Spiral profile so you can continue to reach your supporters through digital banking.

Since launching our charitable banking platform two years ago, we’ve often asked ourselves what we could do to create a greater, far-reaching social impact, drive more value to our bank and credit union customers, and help many more communities and local nonprofits get more donations. The answer to that question: partner with Spiral and the Spiral Giving Network (SGN)!

Spiral is the award-winning Impact-as-a-Service™ platform that helps financial institutions impact the financial wellness of their account holders and their communities, enabling donations through bank accounts, debit cards, or credit cards. Spiral and SGN support nonprofits of all sizes, causes, and geographies—all for free!

In a nutshell, Spiral and SGN offers everything Givio and GCF offers, plus so much more. Not only can your supporters make donations directly through digital banking, but they can set recurring donations and add round-up donations to their debit and credit card transactions.

Givio and GCF are proud to call Spiral and SGN partners and we look forward to helping nonprofits discover the power of Spiral.

Spiral’s broad engagement platform delivers a very similar donation experience and provides everything Givio offers with seamless integration and an amazing user experience, plus much more:

  • Round-up for charity

  • Round-up for savings

  • Recurring donations through Spiral’s Giving Center

  • Personal DAF Giving Accounts

  • More financial products promoting financial wellness and personalized banking

Join Spiral’s free nonprofit partner program by claiming your profile, today. Your custom Spiral profile can help you:

  • Get discovered by financial institutions and their banking users. When financial institutions feature a nonprofit with Spiral, that nonprofit typically gets 2x more donations.

  • Increase awareness of your mission and impact, reach and engage new donors, leveraging monthly donation reports for donor stewardship and donation reconciliation.

  • Acquire more recurring donors through Spiral’s digital banking technology

  • Amplify passive income, through Spiral’s round-up donation technology with everyday purchases

  • Get paid effortlessly with paperless, electronic direct deposit to your designed bank account

To create a free donation profile with Spiral, simply complete the short form on Spiral’s website at www.spiral.us/nonprofits#join-network. Or, if you’d like to set up a call to learn more, please email nonprofits@spiral.us and the Spiral team will get in touch.

You will not be able to access your Givio donor data after August 21, 2024. Please download your data by visiting the Givio Hub. If you have not already registered for the Givio Hub, you’ll find instructions on your last disbursement check. You have also received invitations to the Givio Hub via email. If you cannot find your login information, email support@giv.io.

No, Spiral does not charge a fee to nonprofits to participate. Spiral’s services to nonprofits include:

  • A nonprofit profile, with your logo, name, description, and photos

  • Access to a nonprofit partner portal to collect donor data

  • ACH donations

  • Ability to receive one-time and recurring donations from banking users

  • Ability to receive round-up donations via credit card and debit card

Yes, Spiral will share information about donors who support your nonprofit if the donor has chosen to share their information. Donor information is available through the nonprofit partner portal or by emailing the Spiral team at nonprofits@spiral.us.

Spiral works with Spiral Giving Network, Inc. (SGN or “the DAF”), a 501(c)(3) public charity and sponsoring organization of donor advised funds. Spiral’s customers and their consumers make donations to the DAF with a recommendation that the DAF makes a grant to the recommended charity(ies). The DAF accepts, reviews, and takes legal control of donations submitted via Spiral. Once the DAF approves the recommended donation, it will disburse the funds to you, the recommended nonprofit. The DAF will typically disburse funds to nonprofits within 60 days of the DAF’s receipt of the donation. Donations recommended by different individuals to the same nonprofit will be aggregated into a single payment whenever possible.

Nonprofits will receive donations, less DAF donation processing fees charged by the DAF, unless the customer or consumer chooses to cover the DAF donation processing fees. The DAF donation processing fees are 2.05% or a minimum of $1.02, whichever is greater.

The DAF will acknowledge the consumer’s contribution with a tax-deductible receipt so you do not need to worry about that.

Yes, Spiral allows financial institutions to match gifts and feature fundraising campaigns to their account holders!