Changemakers in the Making

In 2020, Givio launched Future Fundraisers of America, in partnership with the Givio Charitable Foundation. FFA provides training to college interns in areas of fundraising, business development, marketing and nonprofit leadership. In less than 18 months, more than 50 students on 40 campuses have been part of the program.

Putting Givio to Work on Campus

Students are attracted to Givio’s FFA program for a number of reasons. We receive hundreds of applications each semester. Whittling down each class to 20 or so participants is not easy. These students are motivated, smart, caring. Some want to start their own nonprofit someday. Others love the entrepreneurial side of what we do. Others still have a favorite cause that they want to help out. “I’ve worked with Guide Dogs for the Blind for the longest time,” said Lucia, a student at UC Santa Barbara. “When I found this internship at Givio, I was so excited to get started.”

After a lot of general training, technology certifications, and other tasks that you might expect in a typical internship, the FFA interns put what they have learned to good use. We challenge the interns – individually or in groups – to find a cause that they care about and put together a fundraising campaign. Sometimes the interns contact the charity and work with them to help raise funds, but in many cases, the interns simply get out and do good anonymously.

“You don’t realize how much good you can do until you just roll up your sleeves and start doing it,” offered Liam, a student at the University of North Carolina.

So Many Good Causes to Support

The Givio app begins with a database of more than 1.5 million charities, schools, religious organizations and other nonprofits. No tax-exempt 501c3 organization needs to apply to be part of Givio, nor does anyone have to pay fees upfront to download and use our software. You can find Givio in your app store.

As a result, anyone can use Givio to make a donation to any charity, school or religious organization. AND anyone can use Givio to create and share a fundraising campaign. The viral nature of sharing over mobile phones, for example, is a compelling reason for any giver to use Givio to give.

It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that our FFA interns continue to inspire us with their dedication and creativity. Charities, missions and stories we have never heard of are suddenly at the center of a Givio campaign. It’s pretty cool.

To share the names of every organization helped by Givio’s Future Fundraisers of America would make this a much longer post. A short list of charities benefitting includes organizations of all sizes:

  • Children’s Aid
  • City Harvest
  • Dogs2Dogtags
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Happy Hats for Kids
  • Health Care for the Homeless
  • Hellen Keller International
  • Make-a-Wish Foundation
  • North Country Wild Care
  • Race Forward
  • Save the Children
  • The Trevor Project
  • UCF Athletic Foundation

You can create the next giving campaign on Givio!

Calling All of Us to Action

FFA is a terrific program. Givio is proud to be a co-sponsor and to work with so many talented and motivated young people. Working with them often reminds us that Givio is more than software, and more than a company. Givio is on a mission to help an industry do more good. And as we touch more people with the mission, we too are called to more action.

For More Information

For more information about Future Fundraiser’s of America – or about Givio’s apps for mobile giving, Slack, or digital banking – please reach out to, or visit

Thank you!