July 2, 2021

Givio + Q2 Marketplace offers financial institutions rapid implementation of a robust charitable giving module within their digital banking portal, enabling end-users to donate to the causes they care about directly from their banking account.

Givio, Inc. creators of the leading mobile charitable giving and fundraising platform designed for givers, today announced it has been selected by Q2 Solutions, (NYSE: QTWO), to bring its donor-centric giving software to their digital banking solutions through the Q2 Partner Marketplace. The Q2 integration signals an important move for Givio to expand its presence on digital and fintech platforms.

“Giving is a deeply personal experience, and Givio is committed to providing better experiences that respect donors as people, not as data commodities,” said Gary Carr, Co-founder and CEO of Givio. “We want to remove as many barriers to charitable giving as possible to encourage more giving … not just because the nonprofit industry needs more donors, but also because it is important to our health and happiness as human beings and to the communities in which we live to be giving and regenerative. But charitable giving has become very complicated over the years. Givio understands that people need to be able to give in the moment when the opportunity strikes. You can download Givio from an app store and carry it with you on your phone. You can use Givio on business communication platforms like Slack. And now you can use Givio through your bank or credit union, thanks to our partnership with Q2 Solutions.”

The Charitable Giving market has seen a decline in the number of donors over the past 10 years, attributable to a variety of factors. Givio believes that those factors include poor technology design, a prioritization of data harvesting, and spam — leading to an erosion of trust. Givio wants to help renew the interest of Americans in supporting our nonprofit sector. With Givio, you can give to or raise funds for more than 1.6 million 501c3 organizations – charities, churches and religious institutions, schools, Native American tribes, and community-based organizations.

Jonathan Price, EVP of Emerging Businesses at Q2, added, “With Q2’s Innovation Studio, we are expanding our capacity to serve our clients with new and innovative services. We are excited to partner with Givio in order to make charitable giving so effortless for our financial institutions and their customers. This is truly a win-win-win.”

About Givio
Givio Inc., a Pending B Corporation, is a giver-centric charitable giving technology company on a mission to make giving and fundraising pain-free, intuitive and more impactful. Through its software platform design and the Givio app, Givio simplifies outdated and complex charitable giving solutions, removing the barriers to giving to and fundraising for any of the nation’s 1.6M nonprofits. Givio features tap & give payment options like Stripe, Apple Pay, Google Pay and in-app Cryptocurrency conversion; the ability to track giving history; and fast, in-app fundraising campaign creation and sharing across any communications or social media platform. Individuals, businesses and nonprofits alike can use Givio to support the causes they care about in their communities and around the world.

About Q2
Q2 is a financial experience company dedicated to providing digital banking and lending solutions to banks, credit unions, alternative finance, and fintech companies in the U.S. and internationally. With comprehensive end-to-end solution sets, Q2 enables its partners to provide cohesive, secure, data-driven experiences to every account holder – from consumer to small business and corporate. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Q2 has offices worldwide and is publicly traded on the NYSE under the stock symbol QTWO. To learn more, please visit Q2.com.