donate to charity with Venmo

Givio is on a mission to make giving to nonprofits as easy, fast and convenient as possible. After all, nonprofits serve so many needs for our communities. But since the turn of the century, donating just got too complicated — and the shrinking pool of donors is the proof.

So we set out to remove the barriers to doing something good. Barriers like long forms, registrations, log ins, spam, and outdated payment methods. We’ve done away with all of that, to liberate our givers to do what they love to do – make a positive impact – without the hassle.

Since our launch in 2020, we’ve added the most popular payment methods to our app, like cc, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and cryptocurrency. And now we’re ecstatic to announce Venmo has been added to that list.

Venmo has been on the rise as one of the more popular payment methods out there, particularly for millennials and gen Z. But even grandparents are catching on to the appeal of Venmo.

Next time you want to donate the moment inspiration strikes you, use the Givio app and pay your way. Just tap, give and go!