Financial Institutions Break New Ground: Enable Account Holders to Donate Direct to their Favorite Charities Through Online Banking

An industry first, three financial institutions successfully launched Givio’s Charitable Banking™ service that enables their customers to donate direct from their online account to their favorite charities.

Reston, VA – December 16, 2022 – Giving Tuesday will never be the same, thanks to three innovative financial institutions going where their industry had never gone before: namely, enabling their customers to donate direct from their online accounts to any of the nation’s IRS-accredited charities, academic institutions, or religious organizations.

Using Givio’s Charitable Banking™ technology, customers of the three financial institutions – Bank of New Hampshire (Laconia, NH), Visions Federal Credit Union (Endicott, NY), and Topside Federal Credit Union (Dahlgren, VA) – donated to 176 community-based and global causes. And each put the technology to work in unique ways.

  • Bank of New Hampshire and Visions Federal Credit Union allowed account holders to donate to any of their favorite nonprofits – up to a certain limit per account holder – offering a 1:1 match. The former received so much traffic it opted to increase the match amount and still reached the goal early.
  • Topside Federal Credit Union offered four separate Matching Gift campaigns raising funds for four different local nonprofits serving their community.

“We’re very happy to be a Givio partner, to be able to offer our members a great digital banking experience that includes charitable giving,” said one credit union digital banking product manager, “Serving our members and our communities is such an important part of our culture, and we appreciate how Givio is helping us do that.”

Givio’s Charitable Banking™ platform integrates directly with core banking software that financial institutions depend on to engage their customers. The service is intended to make it convenient for account holders to support any IRS-approved 501c3 nonprofit without leaving their online banking portal. All charitable giving activity is not only tracked in the list of banking transactions, but the Givio portal displays a complete Giving History that can be downloaded at any time – something especially useful at tax time.

“What we saw on Giving Tuesday is the enthusiasm people have to make donations to their favorite causes, when the process is fast, convenient, and from the most trusted environment of all – their own banking portal,” said Gary Carr, CEO of Givio. “One account holder donated to 14 different nonprofits, with many of those donations happening in just minutes. Now imagine if that same donor had had to log into 14 separate websites to those same donations. That, in a nutshell, illustrates why we created the Charitable Banking™ platform.”

From Alaska to Florida, financial institutions across the country, are signing up for Givio’s Charitable Banking™ platform. Suggesting not only that next Giving Tuesday will be another groundbreaking day, but that giving as we know it is forever changed.

About Givio

Givio Inc., is a giver-centric charitable giving technology company on a mission to make giving and fundraising pain-free, intuitive, and more impactful. Through its Charitable Banking™ solution and the Givio mobile app, Givio simplifies outdated and complex charitable giving solutions, removing the barriers to giving to and fundraising for any of the nation’s 1.6M nonprofits. Givio features tap & give payment options; the ability bookmark favorite causes, track and download giving history; and fast, in-app fundraising campaign creation and sharing across any communications or social media platform. Financial institutions, individuals, businesses, and nonprofits alike can use Givio to support the causes they care about in their communities and around the world. To learn more about Givio, go to