Our FinTech partner, Q2 Inc., recently presented at the ABA’s Community Bankers conference in Orlando, Florida, to share their story of how their technology solutions inspire depositor loyalty. And the Marketplace partner Q2 featured to illustrate their point? Givio. Here’s the breakdown of their presentation.

The challenge:
Bank of New Hampshire was challenged to connect their philanthropic activity and their customer’s philanthropic interests. They already donate $1M annually to community nonprofits. But they didn’t really know if the organizations they supported resonated with their customers. They wanted to figure out:

  1. How can we have more positive engagement with our customers?
  2. How can we be sure what we’re sponsoring and supporting really serves our customers?

The approach:
Through the Q2 Marketplace, Bank of New Hampshire installed Givio in their online banking portal and planned their promotional launch to coordinate with recognized day for giving, Giving Tuesday. First they configured their Givio portal to highlight local causes that they had sponsored in the past, as well as recommended local organizations. Next, they promoted a Matching Gift campaign that allowed their customers to donate to ANY nonprofit of their choice for a match. So a customer had the choice to choose a featured nonprofit, or search for their own. With a generous $20,000 match, they planned to run the campaign through the month of December to ensure everyone had a enough time to make their contributions.

The promotions:
They planned a robust PR and promotional campaign, leveraging Givio’s marketing support for optimally messaged and designed promotional assets. With the use of SMART ads, website banners, ATM screens, retail signage, emails and social media posts, they began promoting the Match one day before Giving Tuesday and continued with time-based messaging throughout the life of the campaign, until the goal had been reached. The joint press release between Givio and BNH was picked up in at least two local publications.

How it went:
Immediately following their first email and in-app communication, donations started coming in, a day early (which the bank honored). And very quickly, local nonprofits who got wind of the Matching Gift opportunity, started posting on social media, asking their supporters to make their donations through BNH online banking for the match. So not only was BNH promoting the match, their customers were sharing it, as well as some of the nonprofits that stood to benefit. With their amplified reach, they received so many donations, so quickly, they decided to raise their match ceiling by $5,000.

Final results: 

  • Raised $25,000 + $25,000 Match for a total of $50,000
  • Exceeded their financial goal and beat their time goal by 25 days.
  • Raised funds for 130 nonprofits
  • 93% of those nonprofits were local
  • 30% of Giving Tuesday campaign donors went on to donate again after the campaign concluded
  • BNH gleaned valuable insights from anonymized giving data, letting them know how their philanthropic programs align with their customers’ priorities.
  • They brought a meaningful digital banking experience to their customers.

Bottom line:
Givio’s Charitable Banking™ solution is not only giving Bank of New Hampshire important insights into what matters most to their customer base, it’s inspiring depositor loyalty through meaningful connections. If the frequency of repeat donors is any indication, this is the beginning of a beautiful digital banking relationship.