It took too long. We can all agree on that. Individually and collectively, we have finally stopped to pay attention. To George Floyd. To Ahmaud Arbery. To Breonna Taylor. And to countless others, permanently silenced, like them, by people who in all likelihood would have acted differently – more cautiously, more considerably, more humanely – had the victims not been Black.

We have stopped to look at racism, squarely, in its ugly face. And we have taken to the streets in droves to declare ENOUGH. But in a country that is supposed to treat all people equally, we must ask ourselves the hard question: how have we allowed systemic racism to survive over human rights?

We have stopped to think about what now can we do to make this right? As individuals, as businesses and together, as a community. What actions can we take today, right now, to step forward in solidarity?

If #blackouttuesday has shown us anything, it’s that people are READY to just stop. Stop the status quo. Stop the excuses. Stop and put aside well-planned agendas so that we may take the time to have uncomfortable conversations that will challenge us to grow, to shed light, and to make real, positive change.

We at Givio are committed dismantling systemic prejudice and racism. We know we need to do more than just support and donate to organizations active in this fight – a lot more. We need to make changes from within, including hiring Black people, buying from Black-owned businesses, and educating ourselves on how to be antiracist. We know it will be an ongoing, likely messy process, but we need to walk the talk.

One immediate step we can take in our community is to donate to local organizations that are on the ground in Black neighborhoods, like the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington. BGCGW is a safe haven for its members, over 1,400 youth who would otherwise be home alone or on the streets. We are currently donating our 3% platform fee back to all nonprofits so that they can get the most out of every donation.

It’s a small step, but as the saying goes about a journey of a thousand miles, we have to start somewhere.

We look forward to seeing you on the path.

-Team Givio