You see someone in need and decide to hand him that extra $5 in your wallet. With a smile, you approach, the money in your hand already extended outward.

“Wait!” says your would-be beneficiary. “I need you to fill out this form with your name, address, phone number, email address, and credit card information. You’ll also need to create a user name and password in case you decide to give to me again. Make sure the password is at least 10 characters long with at least one upper case and one special character in it. You’ll also need to repeat that password to ensure you don’t forget it. Thanks – and I’ll be in touch. Some of my friends might be reaching out too.”

It’s all a bit much.

Which might be why the nonprofit industry’s cart abandonment rate – when people start to give and bail out on the process – is ridiculously high. You just want to give!

Hi Ho Givio! (Yeah, silly, but stay with us….)

In late-2019 a little group of former nonprofit insiders, techies, and passionate crusaders for all-things-good went to work building an inspired new giving tool. What sets it apart from every other giving application out there is this: it’s built entirely around the needs of the giver.

This seemed fairly logical to us. After all, while the money you’re giving will be used by nonprofit organizations for worthwhile causes, the giving process itself is about you, the giver. It’s your money, it’s your personal data, it’s your impulse to give. 

We named our clever little giving engine, Givio.

With Givio, you pick the charity, the amount, and tap ‘Give.’

No forms, no user names and passwords. Like our friend with that $5 bill, you don’t even have to break stride.

Can a giver do more with Givio? Absolutely. But it’s your choice. And that the point. It’s all about you, the giver.

Enter COVID-19

Like the rest of the world, we’ve been rocked by the COVID-19 pandemic. And like so many of you, we want to do our part to alleviate suffering.

Which is why even as we officially launch version 1.0 of our shiny new application, we’re also donating – until further notice – all of our fees. So if you give a dollar, our $.03 fee will go to [Meals on Wheels] to help that organization tend to the needs of the elderly and other vulnerable populations. (You can give to any of the 2.2 million+ nonprofits in our database.)

As for Givio, we’re continuing to work on important new features like campaign tools, workplace giving opportunities, and more. Lots more. And always, always, always, our goal remains the same: to keep Givio centered on the needs of the giver alone.

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