Making an impact through Charitable Banking™

A growing list of financial institutions are launching Charitable Banking™ in communities all across the country.

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Exceeded expectations

Bank of New Hampshire launched Givio just in time for Giving Tuesday, offering a $20,000 total match on all donations running through their online banking portal until the end of the year. Their customers not only rose to the occasion, they blew the doors off all expectations, prompting BNH to increase their match limit to $25,000.

In just a little over a month, Bank of New Hampshire and their customers together raised a huge amount of money. And they’re just getting started.

While Bank of New Hampshire highlights a handful of local nonprofits, they wanted their customers to be able to support their own favorites, not just the organizations they support. The result? 130 different nonprofits received donations from Bank of New Hampshire’s customers. 93% of them were local organizations. The big takeaway here is that by allowing each individual customer to choose their favorite for a match, they were able to make a broader impact than ever before.

Not only did Bank of New Hampshire promote the match with press, digital ads, in-app messaging, social posts, and retail signage, their nonprofit customers also promoted the match on their own social media pages.

“We launched Givio to our customers on Giving Tuesday with a Matching Gift campaign. We quickly reached our initial matching goal of $20,000, increased it to $25,000 and met that goal in just a few days – a clear sign of not just the generosity of our customers but how easy it is to use Givio’s Charitable Banking platform.”

– Julie Fenn, Marketing & Digital Media Specialist, Bank of New Hampshire

100% dedicated to impact

Visions Federal Credit Union has always made community impact a big part of their mission, but it was a challenge for them to engage their account holders in all their good works. Enter Givio, enabling Visions to launch a Giving Tuesday fundraising campaign that Matched members’ donations to any of their favorite nonprofits. Not only did Visions add Givio to the online banking portal and match donations on Giving Tuesday, they committed to cover donation fees, so that 100% of each donation goes fulfilling an important mission — every day of the year. Members love it — and so do local nonprofits.  Some of them are even including “Donate through your Visions account” in their own fundraising efforts.

Visions puts their money where their mouth is and covers the cost of every donation made in their online banking portal.

Planned matching gift fundraisers, year round

Visions FCU members love that 100% of their donations go towards their favorite charities, schools and religious organizations. Most of the 120+ nonprofits receiving donations are local to Visions members’ neighborhoods.

“I’m a Visions FCU member and I love having Givio in my online banking portal. I can easily make all my donations right from my account and sort through my donation history, which I can download too. It’s a great service that ticks all the boxes. And Visions even covers transaction fees, so the nonprofits I donate to get 100% of my donations for their important work. Which means a great deal to me because I’m also an Executive Director of a local nonprofit organization that relies upon charitable donations to serve our community. I’m even encouraging our supporters to make their donations through their Visions account, knowing it will be a great experience for them and for us.”

– Shelley, Visions FCU member