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We’re givers, like you.

In late-2019 a little group of former nonprofit insiders, techies, philanthropists, and crusaders for all-things-good went to work building an inspired new giving tool. Their goal: to build a giving application engineered entirely for givers, like you.


Because giving depends on the giver. Seems pretty obvious. Yet if you gaze across the history of giving, the process is always focused on the destination of the gift or the needs of the company building the giving application. It’s never really been about the people fueling all those missions. The result: a frustrating giving experience.

Maybe it’s why the charitable giving industry suffers a ridiculously high cart abandonment rate. Translation: nearly three-quarters of people who start to make a donation end up bailing out. Think about that. That’s a lot of money not making it to good causes. It’s also a pretty big clue that something is wrong with the process. Which is why you’re here right now, isn’t it?

We believe givers deserve better. And to that, we’re committed. Because making the process of giving as easy and fulfilling as possible benefits everyone. A better giving experience equals more giving.

The best part? Giving makes people happy. And happy people give. It’s science. It’s also a beautiful cycle. One that we’re thrilled to help facilitate. This is our mission.


Gary Carr
Gary CarrCEO
Abhi Patwardhan
Abhi PatwardhanCTO
Cindy McLaughlin
Cindy McLaughlinCMO
Satinderpal Singh
Satinderpal SinghChairman
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