We make charitable giving & fundraising simple.

For individuals, fundraisers, businesses and financial institutions.

Giving makes you happy. With the Givio charitable giving app, anyone can make charitable donations anytime, anywhere in just seconds.
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the mobile giving & fundraising app

Give — or fundraise — whenever, wherever the inspiration strikes, in just seconds. With Givio in your pocket, you can support or raise funds for any of the 1.6M IRS approved charities, schools, religious organizations and Native American Nations in the country.

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A charitable giving platform for digital banking

Give your account holders the ability to donate to all their favorite causes directly from their bank account inside of your digital banking portal. Launch and promote community fundraisers and matching gift campaigns that make a big impact.

With the mobile Givio app, givers make make a donation to all of their favorite nonprofits in just seconds, anytime, anywhere.

for givers, like you


With Givio in your pocket you can donate to all of your favorite charities, schools, religious organizations and Native American Nations – the moment the inspiration strikes – in just seconds.

Every IRS approved 501c3 nonprofit in the country is in the Givio app, including charities, schools, religious organizations and Native American Nations. Find and bookmark your favorites for easy access with our universal search, or explore and discover new causes by category.

Your next good deed is just a few taps away.

When something inspires you to give, you want to do it in that very moment. You don’t want to have to click to multiple web pages, fill out long forms, fish around for the right payment method or remember passwords. It’s when the process gets so complicated that people with the very best intentions end up bailing out. So Givio made things super simple. Just a few taps is all it takes to give, in just seconds.

The next time you get fired you up to make a positive difference, just open your Givio app and get that good deed done. 👍🏻

Don’t fiddle with payment methods that don’t work for you. Givio let’s you donate securely with the most popular and modern payment methods available, including Stripe for credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Coinbase for cryptocurrency — and coming soon, Venmo! Our mission is to make giving as simple as possible.

Sometimes you just want to give and skip all the follow up correspondence. With Givio, you have a choice. You can choose to share your name and email with your nonprofit if you want to be kept informed of their progress. Or, you can make your donations anonymous, keeping your inbox clean and saving some trees while you’re at it. Givio is all about giving you, the giver, control.

Gone are the days of sifting through every credit card and bank statement and searching email and paper receipts to track down all your charitable giving. The Givio app keeps track of your giving history for you, making tax-time just a little more bearable.

for fundraisers


Whether you’re a nonprofit organization or one of their passionate supporters, raising funds shouldn’t be rocket science and it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. With the Givio app for iPhone and Android, fundraising success is impossibly simple.

We’ve made it our goal to remove the complexity that gets the way of even the best intentions to raise funds. No need for yet another subscription to manage or training to figure out confusing tech, because Givio liberates you from all of that.

With the Givio mobile app and a free membership, launching and sharing a fundraiser or matching gift campaign takes 3 minutes or less. Our simple campaign creator makes it easy.

Whether you’re a fundraising pro or a beginner, launching a fundraiser or matching gift campaign for your cause couldn’t be simpler on Givio. Just find your cause from the 1.6M nonprofits in the Givio app, click on the “Launch a fundraiser” button, and follow the simple campaign builder. Each step is clear and easy to complete. You can load your own video or cover image, or choose from our library images. It’s takes just 3 minutes or less to launch.

The best part about Givio campaigns is that they’re easily shared, everywhere and anywhere — on any kind of device. You can promote campaigns on social media, in communication channels like Zoom or Slack, via text, email or IM, or directly from a website. Whether a giver has the Givio mobile app, or not, they can just open the link and donate! There’s no need to sign into a social media platform first. In fact, there’s no need to sign into anything.

Anyone can give to a Givio campaign, on any device. Did you know that with Facebook or Instagram campaigns, ONLY people that have an account AND are signed in can donate to a campaign? Why limit your fundraising efforts to people actively signed in to social media?

With Givio, there is no need to sign-up or sign in to anything. And unlike other fundraising platforms, there are no long forms to fill out. Givio has created the fastest donation process possible. Which means it’s that much easier for your supporters to take action on your appeal, and make an immediate difference.

Givio batches and disburses donations every month. But for larger campaigns, as requested, Givio will disburse even sooner. That’s a lot faster than most other platforms disburse their funds. What does that mean? It means the nonprofit you’re raising funds for spends less time waiting for the funds to arrive and processing all of those donations, and more time fulfilling their mission.

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Business owners can launch workplace giving and cause marketing campaigns quickly and easily.

for businesses


You don’t need expensive software or lots of time and resources to implement a workplace giving or cause marketing campaign. All you need is Givio on your phone and the commitment as a company to do some good.

Your employees want to work for a company that gives back to the community. So show them you’re a company that cares by supporting the local nonprofits that matter most to your team with a matching gift campaign. 3 minutes or less is all it takes to launch your campaign and start making a difference. Your employees can donate in just seconds and watch your progress meter reach your goal in real time.

Why not give your customers an extra incentive to help you grow your business? Launch a cause marketing campaign with Givio. Want more online reviews? Or how about more qualified referrals? Just create a campaign that rewards reviews or referrals with donations to a beloved local cause. Not only will your customers and your community love you for it, but so will your marketing department!

Givio campaigns are a great way to show your employees, customers and partners that you put your money where your mouth is. Each campaign illustrates campaign progress, showing the amount raised in real time.

for financial institutions


Empower all of your account holders to donate to all of their favorite causes, directly from their bank accounts, in your digital banking portal. Givio’s digital banking solutions allow your financial institution to launch and promote your own fundraisers and matching gift campaigns, to engage your account holders — and your community — in making a positive impact.

Givio enables all of your retail and commercial account holders to make charitable contributions directly from your digital banking portal, from their selected bank account, in just seconds. Tracking all of their donations, to all of their favorite causes – in one place – gives them one more reason to love you come tax time.

Launch and promote fundraisers and matching gift campaigns to your account holders and community members. As part of your annual fundraising programs or in response to current events and natural disasters, Givio makes it easy.

Engage employees in community fundraising with company or department-wide workplace giving campaigns, where they can make their one-time or recurring contributions directly from their bank account.

With built in charitable giving capabilities and the ability to launch and promote fundraisers and matching gift campaigns to all of your account holders you’re able to make an immediate positive impact on your community.

Financial Institution’s account holders can donate directly from their online bank account and feel good about making a positive difference in a secure digital banking environment

Want to learn more about how Givio can help you fulfill your mission and do some good? Get in touch.