Raise funds for your Journey with National History Academy

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Raise funds to cover part or all of your tuition with our fundraising partner, Givio. Raising funds with Givio is quick and easy. Track your results in real-time and plan your journey.

All funds raised go directly to the National History Academy for your tuition. (Which means no tax-burden for you.)

The National History Academy is an educational program of the Journey Through Hallowed Ground Partnership, a 501c3 organization.

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Let’s start fundraising

1. Get the Givio mobile app

The Givio mobile app on your phone is all you need to create your fundraising campaign. The app is free and so is membership.

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2. Sign up

Once you have Givio installed on your phone, tap on the Account icon in the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen. From the Account screen, tap “Sign Up” to enter your registration information. Your first and last name will appear on your fundraising campaign, unless you choose to create a “Team Name”.

Download the app to your phone then sign up

3. Gather the components for your campaign

Setting up your campaign is quick and painless with the Givio campaign builder, especially when you already have your cover image or video link and description planned. You’ll need:

  1. Campaign name and description
  2. Goal amount and date
  3. (Optional) Match sponsor
  4. Cover image (750 x 310 pixels) or YouTube link

Use these ready-made campaign elements for quick set-up

Campaign Title and Description

Title: Help Me Attend the National History Academy

Description: “Please help me attend the National History Academy! I’m proud to have been accepted to this life-changing educational opportunity for high school students to study the history, law and government of the United States of America. But I could use some help with tuition. Your donation through this fundraiser will go directly to the National History Academy, specifically for my tuition. Every dollar helps. Thank you for your generosity!

Copy this text in your phone and paste it into the campaign builder

Cover image (750 x 310 pixels)

Cover image for National History Academy Tuition fundraiser

Save or send this photo to your phone, so you can upload it into the campaign builder.

4. Start building your campaign

Now that you’ve got your campaign elements ready, go to the Givio home screen and tap on the Search / Give / Fundraise bar to find Journey Through Hallowed Ground Partnership (National History Academy’s parent organization). You can also search using the organization’s EIN (Electronic Identification Number) 20-2992779.

Once you’ve found Journey Through Hallowed Ground Partnership, tap on the launch a fundraiser button.

5. Follow the campaign builder to Launch

If you have a Match sponsor (a person or business who pledges to match every dollar donated, up to a certain amount), you can select “Match”, enter the amount and the name of the sponsor. The Match details will automatically be added to the campaign details, but you’ll also want to be sure to include a statement about it at the beginning of your description. Ask your Match sponsor to make their Match donation to your fundraiser at the very end of the campaign.

App screens showing the campaign builder and the Launch button

Hit the launch button to go live and share with anyone, anywhere!

(Don’t be shy about hitting “Launch”. Your campaign can be edited at any time!)

6. Promote your campaign

The more you share your campaign and ask for donations, the more you’ll raise. Tell people exactly what you need, and you’ll find people willing to help.

Campaign view in mobile and laptop view

Share your campaign with everyone you know through the communication methods that are most fitting. You can share with text, email, social media, live and online events, and any way you communicate.

  • friends
  • family
  • neighbors
  • teams and clubs
  • employers and co-workers
  • faith based groups

Are any of your contacts influencers? If so, ask them to share your campaign with their networks, too!

Plan for at least three “asks” across the life of your campaign:

  1. Campaign launch – Tell everyone you’re raising funds for your tuition, how much you need to raise and that you’d appreciate their support with a donation.
  2. Mid-way point – Provide an update with the status of how much you’ve raised to date and how much farther you need to go. Remind them that you’re thankful for every dollar contributed.
  3. Final stretch – Share your progress, how much is left to raise and that you’re grateful for help to fulfill your goals.

7. Express your gratitude

Give something back to your supporters — a message of appreciation.

After-all, your contacts are donating to your tuition because they believe in you and it makes them feel good to know they are helping you on your journey. Your messages of gratitude and progress go a long way in nurturing an already positive experience for you and your donors.

Want help or some pointers? Fill out the form below. We’re here to help.

Download the Givio app and start your fundraiser, today.

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