With the mobile Givio app, givers make make a donation to all of their favorite nonprofits in just seconds, anytime, anywhere.

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like you.

With Givio in your pocket you can donate to all of your favorite charities, schools, religious organizations and Native American Nations – the moment the inspiration strikes – in just seconds.

give whenever, wherever

because giving makes you happy. and happy people give. it’s science. and it’s awesome.

How many times have you really wanted to donate because something inspired you. But instead you said to yourself, “I’ll do that later when I have… my wallet, more time, a better internet connection or can do some research to make sure it’s a legit cause.”

With Givio in your pocket and our free membership, you have everything you need to make that donation right then and there.

Every IRS approved 501c3 in the country is in the Givio database, from the very smallest neighborhood nonprofit, to the very largest brands. Charities, schools, religious organizations and Native American Nations. You’ll find them all, in one convenient mobile app

Pay your way. Credit card (through secure processing with Stripe), Apple Pay, Google Pay, Cryptocurrency through Coinbase…and even Venmo is coming soon. Our goal is to give you all the payment options that make giving in the moment secure, fast and easy.

When you want to make a positive impact, you don’t want to have to fill out long forms or remember passwords. You just want to give. With Givio in your pocket, and our free membership, you never have to fill out another form again to make a donation. Just tap, give & go!

It’s time you get to control your own data. With every donation made on Givio, you can choose to share your identity with your nonprofit so that they can reach out to you and keep you informed of their progress. Or you can choose to donate privately, keeping your inbox clean (and saving some trees from the horrible fate of becoming junk mail).

When you find a nonprofit you really love, you can add it to your list of favorites for easy access.

If you’re like most Americans, you donate to 6 – 8 charities a year (or more). That makes things a little more complicated at tax time, unless you have Givio. With Givio, your entire giving history — and all the corresponding tax receipts — can be found in one place.

Givio lets anyone create an infinitely shareable fundraiser or matching gift campaign for any of their favorite causes. Launching a campaign takes 3 minutes or less!

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1. get the app

Download Givio for iPhone or Android and register for your free account. You can create an account for yourself, your nonprofit, school, PTA, sorority, religious organization…you get it. Givio is for ALL kinds of givers and fundraisers.

2. find your cause

There are more than 1.6 million U.S. nonprofits in Givio, including more than 6K volunteer firefighter departments, 10K schools, 10K animal shelters, 15K environmental groups, 16K health organizations…and so many more.

Just use the search bar and type the name or EIN of your nonprofit.

The Givio app’s homepage displays cause categories like Environment, Food & Agriculture and COVID 19, making it easy for people to find the charitable causes that align with their values
Every nonprofit page in the mobile Givio app has a “launch a fundraiser” button, making it super easy for supporters to launch campaigns on behalf of their favorite nonprofits

3. launch your campaign

Once you find your nonprofit, tap on the fundraiser button. It has a rocket on it, which makes sense because there are no limits to your fundraising efforts with Givio. Our simple campaign creator makes it easy to set up your campaign, in 3 minutes or less. Even matching gifts are a snap with Givio.

Check out our Tips for Fundraising Success if you’re new to fundraising, or if you just want some fresh ideas.

4. share everywhere

Share your campaign across all your networks. Your website, social media, Slack + Teams, emails, texts, and on + on. Wherever you digitally go, your campaign can go with you. And with Givio campaigns, anyone can give in just seconds, from anywhere, using any device.

Campaign pages have a share button that allows campaign organizers to share their fundraising campaigns on any communication or social media platform in just seconds

Ready to do some good?

Get started by downloading the Givio mobile app, today.

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or, get in touch to learn more about all the good things you can do with Givio