Business owners can launch workplace giving and cause marketing campaigns quickly and easily.

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giving back has never been so simple

Show your employees and your customers that you’re committed to giving back to the community that helped make you. Givio makes workplace giving and cause marketing fast and simple. Three minutes or less is all it takes to launch a fundraiser or matching gift campaign for any of the charities you care about.

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Engage your whole team in giving back to your community with workplace giving fundraisers and matching gift campaigns. With Givio, you can roll out a campaign in minutes, invite employees to launch their own campaigns that your company can match, and even invite your customers to get involved.

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Want more online reviews or referrals? Give your customers a compelling reason to take an action that helps you grow your business. Like donating to a beloved local cause every time they leave a review or give a qualified referral. You’ll strengthen your customer relationships and your community at the same time.

Why Givio

for workplace giving & cause marketing?

Givio lets you launch a fundraiser or matching gift campaign for every IRS approved 501c3 in the country, including charities, schools, religious organizations and Native American Nations. And there’s about 1.6M of them to choose from.

You’re up to your eyeballs in paid subscriptions. Do you really need to add one more (if you don’t have to?) Well, you really don’t have to. Givio is a free mobile app that offers completely free membership. That’s right. Launch and promote as many charitable fundraising campaigns as you want, with or without a matching gift component, whenever you want. For free. No contracts. No strings attached.

Software implementation: two words that can ice even the most ardent business intentions. Thankfully, Givio is a simple, yet mighty, mobile app that requires none of that momentum killing complexity. All you need to get started this very minute is your Android or iPhone and the Givio app.

It’s kind of like what all those real estate billboards say, except with our own little spin: “If you lived here [had Givio], you’d be home [making an impact] by now.”

We designed Givio to be super simple and removed all the barriers that get in the way of companies like yours from doing very good things. Our intuitive design tells you everything you need to know. But we’re always here to help if you’re not sure about something, or just want to swap excellent work place giving and cause marketing ideas. Just reach out.

Givio is great for fundraisers and matching gift campaigns. But because ANYONE can launch and share a campaign, your employees can launch their own fundraisers and get the whole company involved. You can even have departmental contests to see who can raise the most money, or hit their fundraising goal the fastest. Team work makes the dream work and when your employees have input into your company’s good deeds, amazing things can happen.

Regardless of how your company gives to the causes that matter most to your employees and community, making donations with Givio is fast and easy. Anyone can donate to a campaign, whether they have the app or not, with no need for sign-ups or sign-ins. So your campaigns are already off to a great start when you use Givio.

But your corporate donations are super easy to manage too. With the Givio mobile app, you can just tap & give, and track all of your giving activity – to all the different causes you support – in one place. Trust us, your accounting department will love you for it.

Chances are, you already make charitable contributions in your community. Whether a local food bank, animal shelter, disaster relief or social justice organization…or even the neighborhood youth soccer league. So why not put those good deeds to work, helping grow your business. For example, tell your customers that for every online review you get, you’ll make a donation to a beloved local cause. Your customers will appreciate that you’re not just asking them to do you a favor, you’re giving the community something in return for their extra effort.

Everyone knows that a company with a reputation for giving back to their community wins over the best and the brightest employees, attracts fiercely loyal customers and forms advantageous partnerships. Bottom line: people like to work with and associate with people that are helping to make positive change happen. And with Givio, you can do just that, without breaking a stride.

 launch a campaign, today

(it’s pain-free, you’ll see)

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1. get the app

Download Givio for iPhone or Android. Register for your free account using your business’s name and the email address of the person managing your company campaigns and corporate giving.

Your employees can download the app and register for their own personal account too, so they can tap & give quickly, track their giving easily and launch their own charitable giving campaigns.

2. find your cause

There are more than 1.6 million U.S. nonprofits in Givio, including more than 6K volunteer firefighter departments, 10K schools, 10K animal shelters, 15K environmental groups, 16K health organizations…and so many more.

Just use the search bar and type the name or EIN of the nonprofit you want to support.

The Givio app’s homepage displays cause categories like Environment, Food & Agriculture and COVID 19, making it easy for people to find the charitable causes that align with their values
Every nonprofit page in the mobile Givio app has a “launch a fundraiser” button, making it super easy for supporters to launch campaigns on behalf of their favorite nonprofits

3. create + launch your campaign

Once you find your nonprofit, tap on the fundraiser button. It has a rocket on it, which makes sense because there are no limits to your fundraising efforts with Givio. Our simple campaign creator makes it easy to set up your campaign, in 3 minutes or less. Even matching gifts are a snap with Givio. Just follow the prompts.

Check out our Tips for Fundraising Success if you’re new to fundraising, or if you just want some fresh ideas.

4. share everywhere

Share your campaign across all your company networks. Your website, social media, Slack + Teams, emails, texts, and on + on. And with Givio campaigns, anyone can give in just seconds, from anywhere, using any device.

Campaign pages have a share button that allows campaign organizers to share their fundraising campaigns on any communication or social media platform in just seconds

Looking for some fundraising tips?

Ready to get started?

Begin today by downloading the Givio mobile app and registering for your free account.

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We love talking to businesses that want to do some good.

We’ve got loads of ideas on how to get the most out of your workplace giving and cause marketing campaigns. And we’re always happy to help get you started. It’s a free service. No strings attached. All you have to do is get in touch.