What Does Givio Do?

Improve Business Performance

Givio will improve business performance through individuals’ results. When you provide clear and consistent feedback-aligned with business goals and objectives-the team will begin rowing in the same direction. Through consistent feedback, you’ll move the needle on key business results.

How Does Givio Do It?

  • Managers and others align individual performance with business objectives
  • Feedback is given consistently through the Givio platform
  • Individuals receive performance feedback that shows where to improve

Increase Employee Engagement

Givio will help you energize your employees. Your team will show greater discretionary effort when they learn how they are valued and how their efforts have an impact on important goals and objectives. Their enjoyment and sense of purpose will further deepen personal engagement.

How Does Givio Do It?

  • Employees given feedback feel they are adding value and will engage more deeply
  • Managers who give feedback show they care about the team
  • When results add up, a vicarious cycle begins

Accelerate Top Talent

Givio will help you develop talent and team effectiveness. Everyone wants to grow, learn and develop. Givio accelerates talent development initiatives by helping you and other stakeholders give specific, frequent, and valuable feedback and prepare key people for next-level roles.

How Does Givio Do It?

  • Succession gaps are identified and put into the Givio platform
  • Feedback is provided in key growth areas
  • Feedback receivers quickly learn and course-correct when feedback is constructive

The Many Benefits of Givio

You, your team, and your organization will benefit by using Givio. As a manager, you’ll save tons of time. As a team member, you’ll get clearer feedback on how to improve effectiveness. As a senior leader or stakeholder, you’ll have access to rich data sets that are essential to track and improve organizational effectiveness.

Give Real-Time Feedback

Give your team the feedback they need, in real time. Help them know where they stand currently, how they’re doing overall, what improvements are needed, and how to drive greater effectiveness. Givio helps you give feedback and monitor important trends on virtually any device.

Appreciate Your Top Performers

Givio enables you to easily identify and show appreciation to your top performers, as well as any anyone showing improvement. Don’t leave them guessing how good their work is, where they need improvement, and how valuable they are to the enterprise!

Develop and Inspire

It feels great when someone actually helps you grow and develop. Givio helps you develop and inspire others. Your team will value knowing they are developing key skills and becoming more effective. The more you use Givio, the more team members will achieve.

Raise the Bar

As a manager, you are strapped for time, but you know performance could be better. You need to raise the bar on performance for your business unit, key teams, and specific individuals. Givio helps you quickly and conveniently raise the bar on performance through specific feedback.

Improve Business Performance

As you raise the bar on individual performance, you’ll begin to see better performance from teams and business units. Givio will help you achieve better business performance through the alignment of specific feedback with critical business outcomes and targeted results.

Call It Performance Engagement

While Givio helps you enhance performance, it’s not a "Performance Management System" (PMS). Rather, it’s a Performance Engagement and Development System (PEDS). Givio helps you avoid many headaches associated with other cumbersome systems.

Try It Out

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