The Story of Givio

3 Guys. 3 Goals. 1 Givio.

Bringing Performance, Engagement and Talent Development Into the 21st Century

It began – unsurprisingly enough – with a cocktail napkin.

It began with three professionals from different disciplines discussing a possible solution to three of the business world’s most vexing problems: how to improve performance, enhance employee engagement, and develop talent — in fast, convenient and continuous ways using modern technologies. Old clunky enterprise software just doesn’t deliver the goods anymore.

We had lots of important questions. What if smartphones, tablets and other computers could be used for all three purposes? Could quick, "light weight," individual feedback be the answer? And is now the time for a modern-day fix to the many "people problems"? Would real-time performance feedback data be seen as valuable to individuals, teams, bosses, and senior leadership?


Lyve, LLC, the makers of Givio, are dedicated to building a service which improves human and organizational performance. Our company designs and develops innovative software solutions that make a difference in the lives of people at work and personally. We are focused on developing and deploying Givio to achieve this mission.


We believe it’s time for a modern technology to accelerate human and organizational performance. We believe it’s better to be fast, lightweight, targeted, and frictionless. If an app is cumbersome or un-intuitive, it won’t be used. We believe in delivering very high value, with a huge ROI, at a reasonable cost. We believe people want to get better. We are confident that companies are tired of old clunky software that over-promises and under delivers. We believe younger generations need feedback, and want to add more value. We believe Givio is a huge step in the right direction.


The future of performance management, employee engagement and talent development is mobile, cloud-deployed, and data rich. The future begins with Givio. Through our founders' diverse professional skills, software development backgrounds, enterprise experience, and clarity of purpose and values, Givio is the best example of what we’re calling an integrated "Performance Engagement and Development System" (PEDS).


If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. Our values are:

  • Collaboration. We believe in teamwork, and developing products and services that enhance teamwork. We can’t do it alone.
  • Transparency. There’s plenty of stuff people don’t want to talk about. We value candor, openness and sharing the real deal.
  • Delivering Value. We pride ourselves on our effectiveness, helping our clients achieve a significant ROI, and delivering real value to our clients at a reasonable price.

The Givio Team

Curt Buermeyer

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

In 2010, Curt Buermeyer recognized the need for an app that could deliver live feedback to his executive clients, rather than relying on old-school 360-degree feedback systems. After a year or so of mulling, he started sharing his ideas friends and colleagues. A couple of brilliant colleagues, Jeff Kelly and Laurence Rudolph, heard the idea, began enhancing it, and soon ideas were flowing. The first prototype was in the works within days. Lyve LLC was born.

Curt continues to be eager to get the Givio app built so he can use the tool with executives who desperately need feedback about how their behavior impacts people at work and how to further enhance performance.

Curt will begin using the Givio app as soon as possible. His leadership development firm, LeadPeople has numerous leaders eager to use the Givio platform today.

Jeff Kelly

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Jeff Kelly thinks in code. Well maybe not code exactly, but he sees every organizational or individual performance improvement need in terms of the tool that can be designed to fix it. Whether it is a simple worksheet, a blended learning program, or an MS-SQL driven .NET MVC social feedback application, there is a tool that can be created to fit every need. The moment Curt brought up his frustration with 360s and his ideas for a better feedback tool, Jeff has been writing code (mostly in his head) to create Givio.

While Jeff's plate is pretty full as the primary solutions developer for Concerted Solutions, he uses all his free time to design the Givio architecture. He has great hope that your donations will kickstart the coding (by real software developers) of that architecture.

Jeff will be guiding the development of Givio so that, 10 years from now, having a Givio profile will be as ubiquitous as a CV or a Linked-In profile.

Laurence Rudolph

Co-Founder and Chief Reality Check Officer

Laurence Rudolph is the analytic engine of the project. His focus is on turning data into graphic reports that support the viewers’ ability to form their own conclusions and make their own decisions. By empowering the users of our system to see what is happening in real time he ensures the value of the data and encourages further use of the tools.

In addition to working on Givio, Laurence is the executive vice president of Rudolph Associates, Inc. a consulting firm that focuses on decision support systems.